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Dear Visitor,


It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming you to the University Website and assure you that you shall find all the relevant information, facts and figures related to the University.


The University is celebrating its 15th Year of Establishment. We were established on April 12, 2005 through the enactment of ‘Ganpat University Act No. 19 of 2005’ by Gujarat State Legislative Assembly. The University is Permanent Member of Association of Indian Universities, recognized under University Grants Commission (UGC) Section 2 (f) and Member of Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), International Association of Universities (IAU). The University is laurelled with several Awards and Recognitions including a Rating of 4 Star by Gujarat State Institutional Ranking Framework (GSIRF) – by Government of Gujarat for the Year 2020, Ranked among Top 20 Private University in the State and Country by India Today and Outlook Magazines for year 2019, Best Placement Providing University Recognition by Government of Gujarat in 2018 and many more

The University is proud of its 52000+ Strong Alumni serving in more than 60 countries globally, currently 18000+ Students studying (University and allied organisations) and 1000+ Faculty and Staff Members who are the real stakeholders of this great institution.

Ganpat University with a Mission of ‘Social Upliftment through Education’ believes in ‘Student First’ Philosophy and keeps Students’ Success as the most important criteria of evaluation of its efforts.

Our approach ensures that each Graduate of the University has following characteristics:

  • Critically competent in the core domain of Knowledge;
  • Employable;
  • Innovative and Enterprising;
  • Culturally Competent; and
  • Engaged with the Society

We aspire to be a cutting-edge university, to anticipate the needs of the future and meet them here and to create an environment that supports teaching, learning, and research.

The glorious 15 Years of dedicated contribution, engagement and excellence is reflective of our values, vision and delivery. At Ganpat University, we take pride in the spirit of innovation and a strong quest for excellence shaped by values. We strive to shape our students into leaders of tomorrow and we train them to lead not only by deed and skill, but also by character and values.

We are proud of the unique identity as the rapidly upcoming industry focused hi-tech self-sustained University with public mission in Gujarat, and as we embark on the next stage of our journey, we look forward to educating and inspiring the next generation of graduates in a technologically enabled environment, who will be the future ambassadors of the University.

The Founder and Patron-in-Chief of the University Shri Ganpat I. Patel (Padam Shri) has charted values for the University which acts as guiding torch to show the way forward, these values are:

  • Commitment to Excellence;
  • Integrity and Honesty;
  • Equitable Community;
  • Academic Freedom;
  • Intellectual Curiosity; and
  • Collaboration.

These are important. They articulate who we are.

We shall continue to emphasise our vision of academic quality, of nurturing and cultivating intellectual and cultural diversity, of providing access and affordability, of making contributions through our teaching, research, and outreach that extend across the sciences, the humanities, and the arts, and of becoming an even more important player in contributing to the economic security of our country.

Ganpat University shall remain an extraordinary education seat, driven by purpose and living an example for others to follow. With respect, admiration and appreciation, I invite all the stakeholders to join in for creating a sustainable future for this great University. Let us work together, serve together, and yes, sometimes even sacrifice together, for the flourishing future of this University and higher education. Then, regardless, we win together.


Dr. Mahendra Sharma
Pro Chancellor and Director General

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