What we Offer

What we offer
(Physical infrastructure, people capabilities, Innovation capabilities)

Facilities Available

  1. Co-working Space
  2. Patent/TradeMark/Copyright Filing Support
  3. Prototype development facility
  4. 3D Printers
  5. Advanced Tinkering Lab.
  6. Computer Lab facility
  7. Studio
  8. Centre of Excellence (CoEs)  
  10. Energy innovation Centre

Incubation Capacity: 40+ Startups at a time

At Incubation Centre the following infrastructure are established for the student entrepreneurs:

  • Board Room
  • Studio Space
  • Internet Access
  • Intercom Facility
  • 16hrs Operating Environment
  • Co-Working Space
  • Computer Lab Facility
  • Library

At Incubation Centre we provide access to the following laboratories that are established for the student entrepreneurs:

  • FAB Labs
  • Tinkering Labs
  • 3D Printing Lab
  • Basic Prototyping Lab
  • Testing Lab


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