Cloud Computing: An Awesome Field to Explore your Future.

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Have we ever come across every house employing their own full time car mechanic, dentist, doctor, plumber, and electrician? We were to put all these people in a centralized location, and people shared out their services. This is much cheaper for individual households, and the people who employ these people are able to offer their services to lots of people.

Similarly, Cloud computing in very simple terms, is basically where a company uses someone else’s computing services (usually over the internet) instead of having to run that software on their own computers.

Skill Defines Your Identity

Cloud computing has driven digital transformation, redefine our workflow practices, and entirely disrupt the traditional approaches by revamping and revitalizing not just one but all the possible industries.

By 2027, overall Cloud Market will encounter Compound Annual Growth (CAG) Rate of 29.2%, touching to 262.4 Billion USD as foretasted by WIKIBON projects and community.

On popular job search engines and portals, on the off chance that you don’t discover ‘cloud’ in the title, you will discover explicit pieces and parts of the cloud as a set of working responsibilities. You’ll discover things like, ‘Do you have any hands on experience on Cloud technologies and virtualization? What is your competency level in systems and Network administration etc.?

Cloud Professional Demand Rises

Cloud Engineers and Architects are in high demand as industries across the spectrum, irrespective of the organization’s size, have started adopting cloud services in one way or another.

“Each Child Passing Out Of School Like Harvard Presently Figures That He Can Be Following Mark Zuckerberg, With These New Innovations Like Cloud And Distributed Computing. So, Let’s Explore The World Of Cloud Computing.”MARC ANDERSEN

Redefining Higher Education

There are a few foresighted private Universities like Ganpat University offering industry focused programs and closely working with multi nationals like IBM to offer joint undergraduate degree engineering programs with cloud specialization since 2014.

IBM and Ganpat University have collaborated to set up an IBM Software Lab for Emerging Technologies in the campus to help students and faculty members enhance their skills in areas of Cloud Computing, Cloud Application Development – Deployment and DevOps.

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